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‘Steelrays’ is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber sports flooring for a variety of different sports and facilities pan India. All of our sports flooring options are produced with the athlete’s performance in mind. We create rubber flooring surfaces that help athletes maximize their performance to optimum level while giving them a safe surface to minimize risk of injuries.
‘Steelrays’ strongly recommends the use of rubber flooring under playground equipment and under open gym equipment keeping safety in mind. To summarize, user’s safety and custome satisfaction are our ultimate goals and that helps us innovate and improvise making better products, every time. When you require the exercise equipment, just take the first step and contact us today. Our rubber flooring is custom built to suit your test and varies in thickness and sizes according to the type of sports. It is anti-skid and non-slippery to avoid accidents and in case of accidental falls, it absorbs shock and avoids injury.

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