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Our playground equipment is conceived and designed with only one aim in mind: A SMILE ON CHILDREN’S FACES. Yes, that is the certificate for our R&D behind playground equipment. Be it swing or see-saw or slide, we do not leave any “pinchpoints” that can snag any loose clothing or fingers.
When kids climb up our ladders and jet down our slides, they experience a world of freedom, imagination, and most of all fun! Our ultimate success is measured in the smiles and laughter that fill our playgrounds. Come play with us. The materials that we use are child friendly, vibrant coloured, and safe for children. Our design begins with a child’s imagination of having unlimited fun with the playground equipment. Children have become very demanding and a simple swing or see-saw does not suffice their playing needs. Hence we have developed a lot many playground equipment that stand the test of time and liking of the kids. We have innovative slides made of different sizes and shapes to suit every pocket. Our playground systems are built with engineered strength and lasting durability
We make playground equipment for kids of all ages; from a toddler up to age 12. When we install playground equipment, we always strongly recommend rubber flooring under the playing equipment. This rubber flooring is highly essential to protect the child in case of fall or slip and is strongly recommended by experts. ‘Steelrays’ rubber flooring is strong, durable and tough to withstand the harshest of impact. Our protective rubber flooring surfaces are custom-sized to suit the playground equipment, have seamless,non-porous, easy-to-clean, hygienic, and last longer.

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